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Diglo Browser – is a fast web browser created thinking about all your needs. Install free apps and themes to customize your Diglo browser, or select a popular pre-made package. Diglo is easy to use and 100% free, also you get full access to download free Apps, Extensions and Themes that will make Diglo your favorite web browser.

Most popular Diglo themes:
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Secure & Safe

Diglo browser is engineered to protect you from malicious websites. It provides auto updates with the latest security fixes and makes sure you are always safe and protected.

Easy to Use

Diglo browser is unique, clean and simple. You can search and navigate from the same window and arrange tabs however you wish quickly and easily.

Lightning Fast

Designed to be ultra-fast and start up lightning fast from your desktop. Diglo loads websites in no time and handles web application extremely fast and stable.

Why should I start using Diglo today?

  • Top Browser
  • Pre-made Themes
  • Lightning Fast
  • User Friendly

Diglo is the only free browser that provides you with all the features you need.

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A web browser is a software application on your computer that allows you to visit websites and web applications. Not all web browsers are made the same way and these differences can affect the speed you experience while surfing the internet. The most important features on your browser are Speed, Ease of Use, Safety and Add-ons. This last feature “Add-ons” will increase efficiency, better your user experience and finally make you enjoy your time on the internet.

Older and updated browsers might lack important features to render websites property, and most important, they might increase security risks, and vulnerabilities for your computer and personal information. Therefore, keeping your browser update or installer newer browsers will keep your internet browser protected from malware and phishing attacks on your computer from malicious

Speed – Browser are supposed to load websites and web applications quick and without compatibility issues. Old browser can lack the proper optimization and compatibility features and this will detriment your surfing experience. The Diglo browser has been properly optimized, which allows websites to load in just seconds without rendering errors.

Security – Security treats take advantage of vulnerabilities and weakness of your browser programing. These security holes are found in popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and other browser, however with Diglo, these holes are drastically reduced.

Ease of Use – Browser are supposed to be channel for you to access the internet and this should be easy, friendly and intuitive. Most browsers come with countless features that are not well presented and/or documented than can be hard to understand and learn how to use them. Simplicity and ease of use is a must in today’s modern browsers. The addition of pre-made custom packages can enhance productivity with just one click and bring an improved user experience for your day to day internet needs.

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